Pambula Cemetery

Conveniently located between Pambula, Pambula Beach and Merimbula the Pambula cemetery offers various burial options including conventional plots, niche wall, memorial garden, and lawn cemetery. 

Plot reservations and enquiries

Bega Valley Shire Council offers reservation services so you can purchase a ‘right of burial’ for your chosen place of rest.  For information regarding reservations and burial options please contact Council’s Hall and Cemeteries Liaison Officer by phoning 6499 2222 or email

Fees and Charges

Pambula Cemetery


All burials will incur the following fees – Right of Burial, Administration, Interment and any Excavation costs.

Prices are GST inclusive

Right of Burial Fee (Includes Reservations)


Transfer fee – to transfer burial


Burial Fees -


Administration Fee


Interment Fee


Memorial plaque -




Fixing of plaque


Memorial, Niche & Lawn Sections


Niche wall - Includes placement of ashes.


Memorial gardens - Includes placement of ashes and Includes placement of ashes.


Lawn Section 1st Interment


Lawn Section 2nd Interment


Monumental Lawn 1st Interment


Monumental Lawn 2nd Interment


Exclusive purchase of rock


Lone Pine Memorial Garden - Includes Harcourt Pillow and Includes placement of ahses.


David Ramsey Memorial Rose Garden (includes Harcourt pillow)


  • Single interment - plots 1 to 26


  • Double Interment - plots 1 to 26 - 1st interment


  • Double Interment - plots 1 to 26 - 2nd interment


  • Family Interments – plots 27 to 30 - (Up to four interments)


Excavation Fees


Burial of Ashes


Single depth


Double Depth


Lifting lid and replacing it


Removal of floor


Children’s Graves Excavations -


Graves for stillborn/infant up to 18 months


Children’s Graves from 18 months up to 8 years old (Single depth)


Still born/infant or child up to 8 years buried in pocket in base of Adult

Same as adult

Other charges -


Machine hire for  additional cemetery work - per hour


After business hours grave digging contact – Prorata ½ hour minimum charge - per hour


Weekend or public holiday, Funeral surcharge per service


Weekend or public holiday, Ashes Internment per service


Oversize opening surcharge (in excess of 720mm x 2100mm)


Full details on Council’s fees and charges.