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Planning & Development

  • Asbestos Awareness

    Asbestos Awareness aims to alert you of the dangers of working with asbestos when working around the home and where you might find it.

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  • Building a safe/sustainable home

    Energy efficient, smart designs are a way to save money, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and live more comfortably.

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  • Building and Certification

    Information on what you need to do before you start building or renovating and how the construction phase is managed.

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  • Building Certificate

    Information about Building Certificate

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  • Construction certificate

    Information about Construction certificate

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  • Construction site management

    Things you need to consider when managing a construction site.

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  • Fire safety certification

    Information about Fire safety certification

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  • Inspections

    Inspections during construction are important - they ensure compliance with consent conditions and ensure building work meets proper standards.

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  • Insurance information

    Home Warranty Insurance needs to be in place for your builder before a Complying Development Certificate or Construction Certificate can be issued.

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  • Occupation Certificate

    Information about Occupation Certificate

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  • Onsite sewage management

    If your home is not connected to the sewer, you may have an on-site sewerage management system.

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  • Owner builder information

    Before you decide to do it yourself, find out if you need to complete an owner-builders course.

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  • Plumbing and drainage

    Find out what type of works require an inspection and when and how to book inspections and what fees and documents you need to provide.

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  • Principal Certifying Authority

    Information about Principal Certifying Authority

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  • Safety when renovating

    When renovating make sure you are not working with hazardous material and that you put safety first.

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