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Tathra Bike Track Alignment Options


The aim of the Tathra to Kalaru Bike Track is to connect the townships of Tathra to Kalaru and provide an Active Transport link suitable for all users. The project is entirely funded by a $3,000,000 grant from the NSW State Government under 2017/18 Active Transport Funding.

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Council has received positive feedback regarding the proposed Tathra to Kalaru Bike Track including requests and suggestions on alternative alignments for the Tathra segment.

In response, Council has investigated six different alignment options for the Tathra segment of the bike track.

Council assessed each option against the alignment objectives of: directness, pleasantness, continuity, security and safety, whilst also having to factor in geological and budgetary restraints. : Please refer to the Supporting document 'Public meeting Notes - 27 August 2018'  pp: 44-47 for more in depth information on all options.

The result of this assessment revealed two viable alignment options:

  • Option One: the North Side of Bega Street
  • Option Two: the South Side of Bega Street, through Lawrence Park, crossing back over to the Northern side before the Tomigee Street intersection.

These two options are now on public exhibition for community feedback until Sunday 2 November 2018.

For more information please visit the Major Project page.

Take our Poll and let us know your preference on the alignment options for the Tathra Bike Track.


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    Comments (7)

  • Why not use existing bush track, cheaper; no driveways=safer for children and adults

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  • The Lawrence Park option looks best, but rather than removing vegetation running adjacent to the road West of the Park, it would be much more sensible to make the bike track follow the existing track from the Water tower/fire shed to the main road.

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  • Option A, the north side of Bega Street Tathra, is a practical location for the Tathra to Kalaru Bike Path. Its construction on this accessible, wide, visible and reasonably flat land will provide a substantial upgrade to this Tathra community space. Looking forward to an improved nature strip where a large variety of users (including; pedestrians, prams, wheelchairs and cyclists, scooters & mobility ones) can share the path.
    Option B, this path could be interrupted by the many cars that temporarily obstruct the road as the cars queue to enter/exit sporting events at the Lawrence Park driveway.

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  • Option A crosses 32 driveways- with car backing in or out and children and adults riding bicycles. Not a safe option.

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  • Option A is a much better choice. Whilst it crosses driveways, the majority purpose of the path is for kids to walk or ride to school.
    On the South side there are few homes so all the kids in Killarney Cres etc would have to cross Bega St, then cross back over at the school.
    Drive way hazards can be mitigated by removing excess vegetation and not parking cars close to the track.
    Also the area on the South side currently looks ugly with no lansdcaping and cars parked on all different angles etc... A nice path with lovely green grass beside it would look awsome in front of all of those houses and be an excellent entry to the town.

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  • Option B means a loss of public parking. Is that what people who use Lawrence Park want?

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  • I see the debate is heating up. Safety of children vs occasional car parking for sport. Make sense to me!

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