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Water restrictions

Permanent water wise measures

Permanent water wise measures are simple, common sense, every day actions for users of water supplied from reticulated town water systems within the Bega Valley Shire. Permanent water wise measures apply permanently across the Shire and aim to guide and foster the responsible use of water resources and prevent the waste and misuse of water.


Water restrictions

There are currently no water restrictions in place within the Bega Valley Shire.

Water restrictions are sometimes needed to reduce water use from Council’s reticulated water supply systems when:

  • drought and/or water quality problems limit available water resources
  • the available stored water, or the available capacity of supply, is so limited as to make extraordinary measures necessary in the general interests of water consumers.

Water restrictions only apply to customers supplied with water by Bega Valley Shire Council. They are mandatory and enforceable, with penalties for breaches.

Guiding principles or “triggers” for each water supply system will be used to determine when water restrictions are needed and the level of water restriction to be applied. Refer to our Drought Management Action Plans for more information. The water restriction rules stipulate appropriate uses of water for each water restriction level.

Water restrictions, when introduced, prevail over permanent water wise measures.

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