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Bin Collection Calendar

Bega Valley Shire Council’s general rubbish bins, recycling bins and green waste bins are collected on the following schedule:

  • Red lid bin - general household rubbish (bin with a red lid) – weekly
  • Yellow lid bin - recycling – fortnightly
  • Green lid bin - green waste – every four weeks where service is available

Your bin must be out on the kerbside the night before your bin collection day.

Please note that if you have a green bin, your bin collection schedule will change when FOGO starts later in 2018. Visit our FOGO page to keep up to date or follow Waste The Facts on Facebook. Mayor Kristy McBain and Joley Vidau using the Bega Valley Waste App.

Want to keep track of bin collection dates more easily AND have a weekly reminder sent to your smartphone? Download the FREE Bega Valley Waste APP!

If you do not wish to download the APP, we have printed calendars available by request. You can request them online HERE or phone 6499 2222.

We have taken the magnets off the back of our printed calendars and will provide you with a separate magnet that you can use year after year. This also means that when you are finished with your calendar you can put it in your yellow bin for recycling.

Having the Bega Valley Waste APP and reducing the quantity of printed calendars are part of our ongoing commitment to minimising waste in our shire.

Want to view your bin collection dates online?

Step 1: Select your town/location from the drop down menu - you can start typing in the search box to find it quicker
Step 2: Select your street from the next drop down menu - again start typing in the search box to find your street quicker
Step 3: Select your address from the next drop down - use the search box to get there quicker
Step 4: Your General Waste (Red Bin) is shown at the top of calendar and your other collections are shown as yellow or green on the dates

Note:  All bins should be put out the night before as the trucks me early the next morning.


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