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Registration of Dogs & Cats

All Councils in New South Wales are agents for the NSW government register that records identification and registration information for dogs and cats kept in NSW.

All dogs and cats born after the 30 June 1999 must be microchipped prior to a change of ownership or before the animal is 12 weeks old, whichever comes first and registered at six months of age.

When you register you will need:

  • Completed registration form (available from any Council Office) payable by cash or cheque only
  • Document to verify your pets microchip details
  • Document to verify your pet is desexed (if applicable)
  • Document to verify any reduced fee you may be entitled to
Registration Type Registration Fee
Recognised Breader $58.00
*Desexed animal $58.00
Non-desexed animal $210.00
*Desexed animal - owned by eligible pensioner $25.00
*Desexed animal sold by pound/shelter $29.00

*proof of desexing must be presented at time of payment.

Fees can be paid at Councils Contact Centre Zingel Place Bega by cash, cheque, credit card and EFTPOS.
For other payment options please contact Council on (02) 6499 2222.

The Companion Animals Act requires that you notify Council if:

  • You change your address and or telephone number - within 14 days
  • You rehome your dog or cat - within 14 days
  • A declaration by a court that a dog is dangerous (made or revoked) - within 7 days
  • The animal has been missing for more than 72 hours - within 96 hours after the animal goes missing

This notification should be in writing and a copy of the animal's identification or registration certificate should accompany any of the above notifications. Failure to notify the above changes can result in penalties.

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