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Environmental Assessments

Image of pond.

The following Environmental Assessments have been done:

  • In conjunction with Council, consultants from AECOM have been monitoring the STP and Merimbula Bay to gather information for decision making about the STP upgrade and the best alignment for the ocean outfall.
  • Studies have focused on the water in the bay and the ground below it, including above and below the seabed. Looking below the seabed allows us to understand construction challenges while looking above the seabed allows us to map formations like rocky reefs.
  • We have carried ut marine ecology studies, which have focused on the plants and animals in Merimbula Bay, the coastal waters to the north and south of the Bay, as well as Merimbula Lake and Pambula Lake.
  • In November 2018, we completed geotechnical investigations around the exfiltration ponds at the Sewage Treatment Plant. The results will be correlated with available historical information to help us understand ground conditions to inform infrastructure design.
  • In October 2018, we completed heritage investigations at the STP to search the area for heritage items, including items of Aboriginal significance.
  • We have done two dye dispersion tests in Merimbula Bay to understand how waterborne materials travel and spread in the bay’s currents. We did our first test in August 2017 and one in May 2018. By testing at different times of year and at different depths and locations, we can get a complete picture of how currents behave in different water temperatures and depths. This information will help us work out the best location for the ocean outfall.
  • In September 2017, we did a flora and fauna study. Over several days, we looked for different plants and animals in the area between the STP and Merimbula Bay using direct observations (seeing a species or hearing a call) and indirect observations (seeing habitats, hair or tracks).


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