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In response to the Tathra and District Fire Emergency that took place on Sunday 18 March, a Mayoral Appeal Fund has been launched.

The community support of donated items has been overwhelming and extremely generous to date. Charity and volunteer organisations have now reached capacity for item donation. Therefore, the Mayoral Appeal Fund is the preferred method to assist the Tathra and District community.

How it works

All donated funds are held in a separate trust account. The management and distribution of these funds will be overseen by an Independent Advisory Panel chaired by the Mayor Cr, Kristy McBain.

The Panel will ensure all funds are distributed equitably and consistently to those who are directly affected by the fire emergency, in compliance with the Commonwealth charitable law requirements.

Funds raised so far

Funds Spent so far $1,381,364.64

How to donate

Financial donations are tax deductable and can be made via:

  • Electronic bank transfer:
    BSB: 012525
    Account: 837535154
  • In person at ANZ Bega Branch
  • Credit Card over the phone, call 02 6499 2345 (between 9:00am-4:30pm)
  • International donations: the ANZ swift code is ANZBAU3M

Donations made over the phone will receive a tax invoice via email. Donations made via bank transfer will be able to provide their transaction details to the Australian Taxation Office.

Receipt information

Receipts are being generated for credit card donations by staff and they will be forwarded during May 2018.

We are unable to provide receipts for cash donations and direct deposits as we do not have sufficient information from these transactions.

We have checked with the Australian Tax Office and they have confirmed that a receipt is not required to claim a tax deduction. What is required is that you are able to provide reasonable details of your donation, i.e your bank transaction to the Mayor's Appeal account.


For further information please contact Council on 6499 2222.

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Mayoral Appeal Fund Public Fund Rules

Clause 1: Bega Valley Shire Council has set up the Mayoral Appeal Fund to take donations from members of the public with the aim to provide funding toward projects that contribute to the recovery and rebuilding efforts of fire affected residents in the Tathra and District following the 18 March 2018 Tathra and District Fire natural disaster.

Clause 2: Tathra Fire means the bushfires that caused damage to Tathra and District from 18 March 2018.

Clause 3: The Mayoral Appeal Fund aims to provide a “one stop shop” where members of the general public can donate money to assist victims of the Tathra and District Fire, while ensuring that all monies donated are used solely on assisting residents who have suffered as a result of the fires.

Clause 4: All funds received will either be:

4.1 Allocated by Council directly to those residents adversely affected by the bushfires via specific grant or program;

4.2 Contributed to a community group providing a support service/disaster recovery activity; or

4.3 Donated to Australian charities who will manage the distribution of donated monies to victims of the bushfires on behalf of Bega Valley Shire Council. The funds will be distributed to the following charities:

  • Registered Tathra based charities

Clause 5: All funds donated to these charities (or allocated directly by Council) can only be used to assist victims of the Tathra and District fire natural disaster.

Clause 6: The public will be invited to contribute to the fund.

Clause 7: The Fund will utilise the Mayoral Appeal Fund bank account to manage all funds receipted.

Account Name:  Bega Valley Shire Council Mayoral Appeal Fund
BSB : 012525
Account Number: 837535154

Means of payment allowed will include cash, cheques, credit cards, bank transfers and payments at ANZ branches.

Clause 8: Council will set up a trust fund within its general ledger and manage all funds received through this trust.

Clause 9: Council will not use any funds donated for any administration or other non charitable purposes, and all funds donated will only be used for the purposes as detailed in Clauses 3 and 4 above.

Clause 10: Council will collect monies through the fund for a period of 2 years from the date of declaration of the disaster.

Clause 11: Funds collected will be distributed within two years (per Clause 9).

Clause 12: If the fund is wound up or if the endorsement of the fund as a deductible gift recipient for the operation of the fund is revoked, any surplus assets of the gift fund remaining after the payment of liabilities attributable to it, shall be transferred to a fund, authority or institution to which income tax deductible gifts can be made.

Clause 13: The Fund will have a gift fund that will be used to only accept:

  • gifts of money or property  for the principal purpose of the fund,
  • contributions made in relation to an eligible fundraising event held for the principal purpose of the fund
  • money received by the organisation because of such gufts and contributions.
  • The gift fund operates through the separate bank account and the trust accounts set up by Council.

Clause 14: Reconciliations and accounts will be prepared for the Fund on a monthly basis to ensure that all monies are correctly accounted for and used for the purposes detailed in these public fund rules, and detailed statements will be prepared when the fund is wound up.

Clause 15: Receipts will be issued in the name of the Mayoral Appeal Fund

Clause 16: The fund will be managed by a majority of responsible persons who will have a degree of responsibility to the general community. The management committee will identify the areas of greatest need for financial assistance in helping our fire affected residents recover from the Tathra and District fire natural disaster.

Clause 17: The ATO will be notified of any changes to the fund rules within twenty one days.

Mayoral Appeal  Fund Distribution Committee

The following Bega Valley Shire community members have been appointed to the Mayoral Appeal Fund Distribution Committee:

  • Dr John Marshman
    General Practitioner
    Tathra resident
  • Michael Pryke
    Director Mumbulla Foundation
    Reedy Swamp resident
  • John Watkins
    Radio announcer 2EC
    Reedy Swamp resident
  • Richard Galton
    President Bega Rotary Club
    Tathra resident
  • Cr Kristy McBain (Chair person)
    Mayor, Bega Valley Shire Council
    Tura Beach resident
  • Cr Liz Seckold
    Councillor, Bega Valley Shire Council
    Tathra resident
  • Graham Stubbs
    Director Business & Governance / CFO
    Bega Valley Shire Council
    Pambula Beach resident


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