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Community Festivals and Events Grants


This Grant is currently unavailable
More information to come in late 2018.


Grant Guidelines

Background: Festivals and events are valuable community building activities that provide an opportunity for the community to come together and celebrate life on the far south coast, spend time with friends and family and to build social cohesion through attendance, organising and volunteering.

Festivals and events support a celebration of life, diversity, culture, and environmental sustainability in the Bega Valley Shire.

Events play an important role in activating the low/ shoulder season periods on the tourism calendar by attracting people to the Bega Valley Shire, supporting local businesses, employment and tourism more broadly.

Overall grant program objectives

The Festivals and Events Grant Program aims to:

  • support a vibrant local festival and events calendar providing opportunities for visitors and residents;
  • meet the diverse and changing interests of a community;
  • positively promote the host community and organisers;
  • provide an opportunity for fun and enjoyment;
  • recognise and profile local artists and/or community members who make a substantial contribution to their community;
  • provide opportunities for skill development through organising and/or participating;
  • lead to economic benefits for local businesses and increased employment; and
  • lead to the development of partnerships between community groups, local businesses, government and other agencies.

Grant specific criteria/information

  • The program runs on a calendar year basis, subject to available funds.
  • Submitting an application form does not guarantee funding.
  • Applications are assessed on their merits based on the eligibility criteria and any specific criteria listed in this section.
  • Grants are applied for annually in August with notification of the outcomes to applicants due in October.
  •  You will NOT be eligible to apply if your event generates a surplus and you donate those funds to other organisations at the cost of being finically sustainable.
  • You are required to disclose alternative funding sources.
  • Applications will be assessed by an internal working committee consisting of the Mayor, a Councillor and officers, with a recommendation being presented to Council for approval and resolution.
  • Grant recipients are required to recognise BVSC on any promotional material as a partner/ sponsor/ supporter (depending on the category of funding, as listed below). Council’s logo can be supplied on request in various electronic file types.
  • Reasonable in kind support may be available, subject to requirements and availability. For example:
    • advice in regards to event planning, risk management and sustainability;
    • legislative and regulatory requirements;
    • marketing and promotion; and
    • waste management.

Note: If the event is to be held on public land, such as parks, reserves or playgrounds, a Use of Public Land Application is also required:

A fee is applicable for these applications, this fee is shown at the bottom of each form

Grant program timelines

  • The festival and events grants run to a calendar year timetable.
Grant steps Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Applications open                        
Applications close                        
Assessment Committee Review                        
Report to Council                        
Advise applicants and complete agreements                        
Events time frame

Events are held between January and December.

Please note: At the time of applying, if your current approved grant has not been expended, you are still eligible to apply for the next grant round. However, if you are successful an acquittal process must be completed before future agreed funds are released.
Project reports / acquittals Acquittals must be completed within 2 months of your event completion.

Grant Categories

  • Regional Event

Funding Amount: Up to $10,000


  • a significant event with a number of partners
  • attracts people from outside the Shire as well as residents
  • generates significant value add to local businesses
  • attracts a large number of people
  • generates or self-funds a considerable portion of the event
  • may add to or leverage grants from another level of government
  • may run over multiple days and is not replicated in other parts of the Shire, and
  • considers viability and environmental sustainability

Recognition of Bega Valley Shire Council as a Partner

Availability: 1 per year - Total available $10,000

  • District Event

Funding Amount: Up to $5,000


  • a large event that attracts and provides a focal point for people from the Shire and people already visiting
  • may have other supporters or organisations involved
  • generates some funds but needs greater assistance due to legislative and/or regulatory requirements
  • may have historical ‘roots’, or may be a start-up event needing assistance to become established, and
  • considers sustainability and environmental impacts

Recognition of Bega Valley Shire Council as a Sponsor

Availability: 5 per year - Total available $25,000

  • Local Event

Funding Amount: Up to $1,000


  • an important local event that provides a focal point for people of a particular area or community
  • often held annually
  • may be a start-up event needing assistance to become established and would otherwise struggle without BVSC support, and
  • considers sustainability and environmental impacts

Recognition of Bega Valley Shire Council as a Supporter

Availability: 10 per year - Total available $10,000


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