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Bermagui River

Boatramp Bermagui River.

The following scope will be delivered within environmental and heritage constraints and regulations:

  • Replacement of the existing boat ramp with a new reinforced concrete double boat ramp
  • Installation of a finger pontoon jetty
  • Upgrade and sealing of the informal parking area
  • Upgrade of lighting

View the Concept Plan or visit our Project page for more information.

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Comments close: 2 July 2019

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    Comments (4)

  • The draft plans for this development appear well suited to the location. The development will however, need the 2nd entry point to remain.

    Quite simply boats being towed need to be able to turn around on this road and can not do so without increased wear and tear on axles and trailers. Blocking the 2nd exit prevent long tow rigs from turning. Remembering that many are now 7m boats not 5m these days. Also the service station fills many of the local and visiting boats and for many years now the location suit most as they can fill and move on to the adjacent car park allowing better traffic flows on this site and the road (Lamont St) in general.

    Most would not be aware of the huge amount of boats traffic during the summer months in the early morning which would be dangerous and often chaotic if the traffic can not flow into the cark park with a 2nd entry point.

    Scott Bradley

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  • Hi, The floating pontoon at Bermagui is a great idea. The only suggestion is to make it parallel with the shore line.
    By making the pontoon parallel to the shore allows for better boat manouverability which is important when operating in areas influenced by tidal current.
    Having the pontoon at 90 degrees (as shown in draft plan) to the shore results in boats being either pushed into or pulled away from the jetty.
    This has been the problem at the Apex Park boat ramp in Narooma
    John Moore
    Narooma Fishing Charters.

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  • If the pontoon was floating and laid down the middle of the ramp (lane each side) supported by two or three piles built into the ramp it would be good in all tides and winds. Plus make lauching and retrieval and access to boats much better.

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  • The development of this site is well overdue. The proposed facility upgrade will offer recreation fishers with a better and safer formalised approach to boat launching and parking for trailers.
    I implore council to enter into meaningful consultation with representatives of the various fishing clubs and users that make up the trailer boat community. Comments posted by Scott Bradley should be given every consideration. The launching and retrieval of boats must be made quicker and safer to cater for the growing number of recreational fishermen using this boat ramp. The formalised parking will ensure a better amenity for the Bermagui community.
    I would suggest a provision for solar lighting above/next to the fish cleaning tables. It has been the case that many fishermen are using the tables under the light provided by the headlights of their cars. (particularly after the end of daylight during peak fishing times of tuna season.)
    Once again there has not been provision of fish waste collection. The current haphazard supply of collection bins for fish offal needs to be addressed. For many years now Council has missed the opportunity to ensure the recycle of this valuable commodity. The fishing community would no doubt be a wonderful contributor to FOGO. Any plans for the development of recreational fishing facilities should address the use/reuse of fish waste. There is a real opportunity for Council to work closely with recreational fishing groups to ensure a cooperative approach to the collection of fish waste.
    Thank you for the opportunity to make a submission on the plans for the upgrading of these facilities. Once completed the Bermagui community, business, recreation/sporting and tourism be the benefactors. It is hoped that after a reasonable time of consultation the implementation of the facility upgrade can be completed before the next summer and holiday season.

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