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Library Services Strategic Plan

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Library Services Strategic Plan

Structure of this Plan

The Bega Valley Shire Library Service Strategic Plan 2020-2025 will lead the direction of the library services over the next five years. The plan is informed by feedback from library users, our community partners and library staff who know and understand our customer needs well.  It is also informed by peer review and research into the library sector, an analysis of our changing demographics and of the performance of the Library Service against other libraries in NSW.

The Bega Valley Shire Library Service Strategic Plan 2020-2025 sets out our overall vision and five key priority areas. The Library Service is in a strong position to deliver on its vision and aspirations, with Council support, via the strategic priorities outlined in this document.

To ensure accountability, this plan includes a range of performance indicators against which the Library Service will measure itself during the implementation of the Plan.

Key priority areas

  • Active Connections - To build participation through strong collaborations and the creation of inclusive community hubs.
  • Inspiring Spaces - To foster innovation through cutting edge technologies, multipurpose spaces and functional design.
  • Dynamic Collections - To provide contemporary and relevant collections for all users.
  • Lifelong Learning and Creativity - To stimulate a culture of lifelong learning, exploration and creativity.
  • Sustainability - To demonstrate sustainable practices across all aspects of the library service.

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