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Were all damaged properties originally made off limits?

  • In line with direction from the Rural Fire Service and due to the age of a number of properties within the fire impact zone, all damaged or destroyed buildings and associated external structures were initially classified as possibly having fire impacted asbestos.

How were they identified?

  • With the safety of the public remaining the number one priority and to ease the challenge of identification for emergency services, these structures were all identified through the installation of orange webbing around the property and a sign was fixed to the fence where possible.

When did the inspections commence?

  • Inspection teams commenced accessing structures once the immediate area was deemed safe from further fire danger.
  • This enabled assessments surrounding possible asbestos presence to be carried out, along with a brief visual indication of structural safety being undertaken. This process is ongoing.

What happens if asbestos is suspected?

  • Contractors have been stabilising known or potential fire impacted asbestos by spraying affected areas with PVA glue. This glue has been coloured blue or pink and designates that the site has been stabilised.

What is happening with barriers and signage?

  • Once the contactors have assessed and/or stabilised a property, Council staff will review the requirement for barriers and signage:
    • If asbestos was not detected, the signage will be removed. It may still be structurally unsafe to enter the site.
    • If asbestos has been detected, the site will be stabilised but the signage will remain in place till the site is cleaned-up. It is unsafe to enter.
    • If the building has substantial damage and appears unsafe for occupation, information is being collected to allow Public Works Advisory and Insurers to carry out assessments in order to inform home owners of potential safety risks. In order to carry out this work, we require you to sign and return a Deed of Access form.

Demolition / Clean Up

IMPORTANT! Demolition and clean up information for fire impacted properties, including deed of access. Visit Demolition/Clean up

Contact details

If you have further questions or concerns around accessing your property, contact the Recovery Centre on (02) 6499 2475.
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