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Merimbula CBD Bypass

The following represent a brief summary and history of the Merimbula CBD Bypass.

For further information refer to Traffic Study and Council report of 16 March 2010.

Brief History

Image of proposed work area.

Ther Merimbula CBD Bypass has been part of traffic and development planning for a number of years. Traffic studies and public consultatin were underway in 2004.

Image of traffic study area.

Merimbula Traffic Study

  • Traffic Modelling

  • Gabites Porter Traffic and Transport Planners engaged to develop traffic model
  • Model based on census, land use and recorded traffic data
  • Traffic modelling trip generation, trip distribution and trip assignment
  • Calibration and validation of model against recorded data (99% traffic counts,95% delays as measured by queues and travel speeds)
  • Traffic Model Evaluation

  • Evaluation of weekday midday holiday peak
  • Traffic and Parking Options

  • Model evaluation of options

Traffic study and modelling undertaken based on existing conditions to identify issues and problem areas. The modelling then used to forecast impacts of various possible options.

Image of traffic study and modelling undertaken.

Options Considered / Evaluated

Image of options considered.

  • Market/Main Streets

  • (MA1) Ban right turn Main into Market Street
  • (MA2) Signals
  • (MA3) Roundabout
  • (MA4) New road to Sapphire Coast Drive
  • Market Street/Merimbula Drive

  • (ME1) Signals also remove pedestrian signals
  • Sapphire Coast Drive/Merimbula

  • (SC1) Signals
  • Reid Street/Merimbula Drive

  • (PA1) Signals, also realign Park Street
  • (PA2) Roundabout, also realign Park Street
  • Alice Street car park

  • Multi storey upgrad
  • Kyeamba Street car park

  • new car park plus (PA1)
  • Park Street car park

  • Multi storey upgrade plus (PA1)
  • All inclusive options

  • (MA3), (PA2), (ME1), (SC1)

Results table below of modelling each and combined options with comparisons made via average delay costs in seconds per vehicle.

The option highlighted by red indicates Council adopted option.  Council adopted this option with a view to then review traffic modelling results to determine/ ground proof results before considering further upgrade works.

Traffic Study Results

** delays moved to newly created intersection
+ slightly improved LoS
- Slightly reduced LoS

Average Delay (sec Merimbula/Reid Market/Main Market/MErimbula Market/Monaro Sapphire/Main
Existing 6.5 5.5 4.5 63.7 4.9
Main/Market (MA1) No change 2.8 4.6 No change No change -
Main/Market (MA2) No change - 15.4 4.0 No change + No Change
Main/Market (MA3) No change 6.6 4.5 No change No change
Main/Market (MA4) No change 16.4 4.1 No change 4.4 **
Merimbula /Market (ME1) No change 5.1 15.6 No change No change
Sapphire Coast/Main (SC1) No change 6.0 No change No change 20.4
Reid/Merimbula (PA1) 19.1 5.7 4.0 35.8 No change
Reid/Merimbula (PA2) 10.4 5.0 4.2 42.5 No change
Alice St car park No change 5.5 4.4 61.1 No change
Kyeamba St car park 19.1 5.7 4.0 35.4 No change
Park St car park 19.1 5.7 4.0 35.2 No change
All Inclusive 10.3 5.8 15.4 41.7 20.7

Diagram below shows model predicted traffic flows when CBD Bypass is completed. 

For example at the intersection of Beach Street the existing peak hourly traffic northbound is 511 while southbound is 518.  This is predicted to reduce to 447 and 430 respectively.  Green boxes indicate reduction in traffic flow while red indicates increased traffic flows.

Bypass - Palmer Street

Image of proposed by pass.

Intersection Detail

Image of intersection detail.

Current intersection design detail. Highlighted property boundary in lower diagram indicates “old mobile” site purchased by Council several years for the purposes of intersection improvements.

Image of site purchased 'old mobile' by Council for intersection improvements.

Project Stages

Merimbula CBD Bypass layout and proposed construction staging.

Image of Merimbuld CBD bypass layout.


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