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Draft Climate Resilience Strategy

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This draft Climate Resilience Strategy has a whole-of-Shire scope. It recognises the need for a coordinated climate change response across the Shire, and identifies actions we can all take to mitigate the effects of global warming and adapt to unavoidable changes in our climate. 

The draft Strategy applies a resilience methodology to respond to the key challenges that climate change presents to the Bega Valley Shire. A resilience approach allows us, as a community, to focus on building strong foundations for our Shire, that in turn allow us to implement measures to address these climate change driven challenges.

Existing vulnerabilities within our natural systems, land use, settlements, infrastructure, economy and community are identified, and assessed against key climate change impacts using a risk methodology, with resultant high risks prioritised into seven Key Response Areas:

  • Protecting our natural systems
  • Prepared for natural hazards
  • Liveable and connected places
  • Safe, active and inclusive communities
  • Diverse and thriving economy
  • Energy security
  • Food security

Each Key Response Area is underpinned by performance measures and targets, which will allow us to measure the ongoing success of the Strategy.

Once finalised, the Climate Resilience Strategy will supersede the Bega Valley Shire Council Climate Change Strategy (2014 -2017), which focused only on actions within Council’s sphere of influence.

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Council seeks your feedback on the draft Climate Resilience Strategy.   You can provide your input either by:

Please submit your feedback by Monday 16 December 2019


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