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Kisses Lagoon Restoration Works

Bega urban floodplain wetlands restoration project

Bega Valley Shire Council has secured a grant of $99,400 from the NSW Environmental Trust for the rehabilitation of Bega’s Kisses Lagoon and to reduce storm water pollution in the town’s urban catchment.

Council will strengthen this grant with a $50,000 contribution sourced from its Environmental Levy.

With these funds Council will be aiming to bring Natural Resource Management (NRM) into town through developing a high profile and functional urban NRM project that delivers environmental, recreational, economic and educational outcomes.

Kisses Lagoon sits at the gateway to Bega and it is part of a wider network of floodplain wetlands surrounding the town. Through making it accessible to recreation we are encouraging people to interact with and value the local environment.

The Bega Urban Floodplain Wetlands Restoration Project aims to showcase natural resource management techniques in an urban setting by making it a drawcard for visitors and prioritising biodiversity management.

It’s a project that will complement environmental rehabilitation projects currently being undertaken by the South East Local Land Services, Landcare and a range of local community groups.

Works will involve willow removal, revegetating drains and riparian zones, and a major two year weeding program, with weeding works targeting the northern and eastern fringes of the lagoon in the first year and the western edge and drain areas in year two of the project.

Other works include landscape upgrades around the lagoon including parking and recreational areas, industry audits and education programs around Kisses and Spence’s lagoons, a further audit of Bega’s stormwater system and the installation of interpretive signage around the lagoon and catchment, and ongoing water quality monitoring.

This Project has been assisted by the New South Wales Government through its Environment Trust.

If you would like to discuss this project further please call environmental services on 6499 2222.

Stages of works

Stage 1

  • Road barrier removed
  • Walking path constructed
  • Stem injection of all willows
  • Control privet, honeysuckle and other weeds
  • Mechanical removal of willows throughout stage
  • Revegatation
  • Works
  • Works are continuing at Kisses Lagoon

Stage 2

  • Stem injection of willows on waters edge
  • Mechanical removal of all willows away from waters edge
  • Control honeysuckle and other weeds
  • Planning and design of carpark and recreational area
  • Planting of semi mature shade trees

Stage 3

  • Stem injection and mechanical removal of willows from site
  • Control blackberry, honeysuckle and other weeds
  • Develop plans for access sites and continue maintenance

Stage 4

  • Consultation with adjoining landholders
  • Weed removal

Image showing staged works at Kiss' lagoon, Bega.

Current Works

  • Majority of willows and other weeds have been removed from stages 1 and 2
  • Although the lagoon currently looks bare and unappealing, this is all part of the regeneration process.
  • Although presently unsightly, the lagoon will be a much more desirable public recreational area in the near future.
  • The next phase of works to be conducted will include minor revegetation and ground cover, and the filling and design of the new car parking and recreational facilities along poplar Avenue.
  • If you would like any further information regarding this project please call environmental services on 6499 2222
Image of current works at Kiss' Lagoon, Bega.

Kisses lagoon currently

Image of the proposed look of Kiss' Lagoon, Bega after works.

It is anticipated that parts of the lagoon fringes will roughly imitate this style of landscape design. Council also aims to incorporate native plant communities, car parking and linking pedestrian path facilities.


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