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Sewerage Services

Bega Valley Shire Council is responsible for the effective and efficient delivery of sewerage services to the community. Council collects sewage and liquid trade waste from customers and transports it to where it is treated and then disposes of it or recycles it.

Bega Valley Shire Council adheres to a large number of regulations, guidelines and standards for sewerage service provision, including: 

Ten different sewerage systems in the Bega Valley Shire

The Bega Valley Shire covers an area of approximately 6,052 square kilometres and is one of the largest coastal shires in NSW. There are ten sewerage systems that provide sewerage services to eighteen towns, villages and localities within this area. These systems are located at:

  1. Eden
  2. Merimbula-Pambula
  3. Tura Beach
  4. Tathra
  5. Bega
  6. Bermagui-Wallaga Lake
  7. Wolumla
  8. Candelo
  9. Kalaru
  10. Cobargo

Population receiving sewerage servicesImage of Tathra Beach.

Sewerage services are provided to approximately 25 000 people and 38 000 people during peak holiday times. There are approximately 11 000 residential properties and 900 non-residential properties connected to a Council sewerage system.

Objectives and challenges

Important sewerage service objectives for Bega Valley Shire Council are:

  • Develop ecologically sustainable sewerage systems that have environmental impacts that are acceptable to the community
  • Manage environmental and public health risks to an acceptable level
  • Provide safe sewerage services to areas with town water, where demand exists and where financially feasible
  • Provide pricing which is equitable and allows for operations and future infrastructure needs
  • Provide appropriate and qualified staff delivering services safely
  • Provide effective management of liquid trade waste

Achieving these objectives requires planning, investigations, operations and capital works programs, undertaken by the Water and Sewerage Services Department of Council.

Day to day challenges for the Bega Valley Shire Council as a local water utility providing sewerage services include:

  • Transporting sewage near sensitive waterways supporting aquaculture, primary and recreational uses
  • High loads on sewage treatment plants during tourist seasons and rain events
  • Effluent disposal and reuse in coastal environments with high environmental and community values
  • Escalation of capital works and operation costs and the impact on service affordability in a shire with a low customer base
  • High level of energy consumption due to local topography and MBR STP’s.

Managing Bega Valley’s future sewerage service

Important future sewerage service planning issues for Bega Valley Shire Council include:

  • Collection system upgrades to reduce occurrence of sewage overflows due to inflow and infiltration
  • Treatment plant upgrades to improve effluent quality for better meeting receiving environment requirements
  • Effluent disposal and reuse system upgrades, particularly at Merimbula and Bermagui
  • Population growth and increasing sewage loads

New capital works projects to meet future needs include:

  • Disinfection facilities at Eden and Tura Beach STP
  • New effluent disposal system to replace existing shore-based outfall Merimbula STP

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