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Asbestos Awareness & Risk

It may not be safe to enter your property at present.
Please do not enter until it has been assessed as safe and you have been given permission to do so. There may be asbestos present or dangerous structures that could collapse and cause serious injury.

There is a high terminal risk to health from friable asbestos on many fire damaged buildings as well as a possibility of death or injury from sharp objects in the unstable ruins. Please do not enter any site for any reason. Public Works Authority is making every effort to expedite the asbestos evaluation and stabilisation. The work is underway but will not be completed for many weeks due to the scale of the disaster. As part of the recovery process, occupiers will be given the opportunity to enter their sites under supervision prior to demolition and clean-up of the sites.

Asbestos removal is conducted under very strict protocols and can only be done by a licensed contractor.

Action required


Personal protective equipment (PPE)

  • Wear sturdy footwear and heavy duty work gloves to protect you from being cut by broken glass, standing on sharp objects or getting burnt by smouldering coals
  • Wear protective overalls (with long sleeves and trousers). If convenient, wear disposable coveralls and throw them out with the site waste after use. Any non-disposable clothing should be cleaned/laundered prior to reuse, including footwear
  • Do not use ordinary paper dust masks, handkerchiefs or bandannas. Face masks (called ‘P2 masks’) should be worn, as a minimum, to filter out fine particles including asbestos fibres

Further information

For information about the safe handling and removal of asbestos, visit

For information about transport and disposal of hazardous materials, visit

For information about the health risks associated with asbestos, visit

For information about common areas where asbestos can be found in the home, visit


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