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Proposed re-establishment of Alcohol Free Zone, Eden

Notice is given of Council's intention to consider an application made by NSW Police for the establishment of an Alcohol-Free Zone (AFZ) within the CBD of Eden.

Submissions can be summited via email:

Submissions close Sunday, 23 June 2019 @11:59pm.


NSW Police have made application to re-establish an AFZ for the Eden Central Business District for a four (4) year period.

NSW Police advise the Eden CBD and surrounds continue to be areas subject to alcohol-related crimes, such as malicious damage and assault. The proposed AFZ would provide additional powers to assist NSW Police in reducing alcohol-related antisocial behaviours and bolster public safety and awareness. In previous years, when the AFZ was in place, there was a positive impact on policing operations, which led to a steady decline in alcohol-related crime.

Proposed Alcohol Free Zone

The proposed APZ is described as - Imlay Street, between Bass Street and Chandos Street and Chandos Street between Imlay Street and Flora Street. If adopted the AFZ would be for a four (4) year period.

The proposal would require the installation of signs at strategic locations around the boundaries of the AFZ area. There is no implication for public land use by licensed premises within the area.

Map of area

Map showing alcohole free zones in the Eden central business centre.

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