Bega Valley Shire CouncilBega Valley Shire Council

Blackfellows Lake, Kalaru

Boatramp Blackfellows Lake. The following scope will be delivered within environmental and heritage constraints and regulations:

  • Replacement of the existing gravel boat ramp with a new reinforced concrete boat ramp;
  • Upgrade (widening and sealing) of 600m of access road, including shoulder parking and car / trailer turnaround points;
  • Installation of lighting; and
  • Installation of a finger pontoon jetty.

View the Concept Plan or visit our Project page for more information.

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Comments close: 2 July 2019

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    Comments (5)

  • This has been a long time coming. Having been a resident of Blackfellows Lake rd for almost 20 years I have been watching the lake silt up every time it rains due to the lack of proper drainage causing dirt and gravel from the road flowing directly into the lake. Also this ramp has been used more and more and often with not enough parking and some people parking their car and trailer in the turn around area , thus making it difficult for others to use the facility. I look forward to these improvements being made as soon as possible.

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  • Fantastic plan BVSC. It looks like a great design. Really eager for this to go ahead. It is a perfect access point for smaller boats and kayaks into the river.

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  • I am a Kalaru resident and Bega River kayaker of more than 30 years. Thank you for the opportunity to comment on the Blackfellows ramp proposals. With increased ramp usage I do think some work is warranted.
    I notice that all the work is either concrete or bitumen. For kayakers, none of that material is "friendly." Kayakers need some soft surface or grass to prepare craft for paddling and to wipe them down prior to car loading. We saw the loss of grassed area and suitable launching space at the recent Mogareeka ramp upgrade. When I checked there on the weekend the launching "beach" was well underwater! I fear that this may happen again at Blackfellows! While a bit rough, we do have a nice shallow launch and some grassy bits as it is. Please, let's not concrete the lot for power boaters! We kayakers respectfully ask for a grassed or synthetic turf area for loading kayaks and a launching area that is NOT concrete. Also, I notice there is NO provision for a picnic table! The Blackfellows ramp is visited daily by locals to listen to the many birds. Please, please, don't fill the ramp up with concrete and NOT put in a picnic table! Perhaps a picnic table could be included with a kayak preparation area! Thank you.

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  • Great, this work will enhance access and usage of this delightful area. However, as a local, regular user of the area, I also believe the upgrade should make the area more user friendly and accessible for all users, including kayakers, visitors and walkers. A grassy area for launching and cleaning kayaks that can be used by picnickers and other visitors would be visually pleasing and useful, particularly if picnic tables and benches were included. Thanks for the opportunity to have input!

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  • Great to hear that this site is getting an upgrade. As a kayaker and periodic user of this boat launch site, I concur with some of the previous submissions. Particularly, in that the launch area should cater for kayakers and canoeists and provide a grassed area and non-concreted launch site adjacent to the power boat users area. A picnic table would also be a valuable addition.

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