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Quote from Joyce Maynard,

Our home and garden can be a bottomless pit of resource-consuming ecological inefficiency; or a healthy Eden of self-sufficiency. So how do we manage our ecological footprint and set it on a sustainable path?


The urban spread of our houses and gardens, and the power, water and materials required for them to provide us with a comfortable living space account for a significant proportion of our ecological footprint. Managed effectively, this integral part of our lives can be a vehicle for the conservation, generation and collection of energy, water and natural resources. It can also supply us with much of the food we need.


Our homes are our sanctuaries where we bring our dearest, raise our children and spend over half our lives. Tapping the potential of the house and garden to rejuvenate, inspire and soothe us, as well as protecting and sheltering us, is one of the creative missions of any householder's life.


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