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Tourism and Facility Signage Plan

The Plan aims to make navigation for visitors and residents into and through the shire easier though appropriately colour coded, branded, badged and sited signage. This supports SCT and ACW objectives to improve the visitor experience in Bega Valley. The Plan relies upon appropriate application of TASAC guidelines in assessment of applications and siting of signage. The Plan also aims to confirm an identity for the settlements and gain consistency in council facility site signage.

The  Plan proposes, in road reserves in accord with draft Policy, to:

  1. Update tourist routes and relevant brown route and directional signage at key highway entry points
  2. Incorporate brand (SCT/ACW/SMCD) routes and town icons into signage
  3. Consolidate and update relevant brown attraction and directional signage
  4. Consolidate and update relevant blue facility and directional signage
  5. Consolidate and update relevant blue service and directional signage
  6. Integrate relevant attraction, service and facility information into green road signage
  7. Facilitate update of NPWS attraction, service and facility information into road signage
  8. Update town entry/information bay signage incorporating icons adopted or confirmed with SCT/ACW and Chambers
  9. Facilitate attraction information and directional signage at town exit bays

The Plan also proposes, in council reserves, to:

  1. Consolidate and update relevant facility site signage
  2. Integrate Heritage Tourism Strategy directional and interpretative signage

This draft Plan illustrates existing signage, often mixing colours and purpose regarding tourist, service and facility information. A number of Figures illustrate proposed alternatives. Nonetheless, the proposed Tourist, Service and Facility Signage Policy will guide eligibility, type and siting of signage.

It is proposed an audit of tourism, service and facility signage be undertaken in road reserves and council reserves, marking up council and business for updating or replacement against the policy criteria, and nominating replacement or consolidated signage using TASAC sign coding.

Read it here: Tourism and Facility Signage Plan

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