News & Highlights

  • Civic Centre tree removal

    Tuesday, September 30 2014
    Four semi mature gum trees will be removed from the Bega Civic Centre site to make way for the rear entry, access bridge and disabled access.  Read more..

  • Lifetime animal registrations

    Tuesday, September 30 2014
    Owners with dogs and cats older than 6 months and not yet lifetime registered will have recently received a letter requiring the payment of registration fees.   Read more..

  • No Questions Asked: October Library Amnesty

    Tuesday, September 30 2014
    Bega Valley Shire Library has announced an amnesty throughout October on overdue books, magazines, CDs and DVDs.   Read more..

  • Bindi eye spraying

    Monday, September 29 2014
    Bega Valley Shire Council has advised that bindi eye spraying will take place in a number of local parks and reserves on Wednesday 8 October and Thursday the 9 October 2014.   Read more..

  • Have your say on what we plan to do in 2014-15
    Council's Delivery and Operational Plan, Operating Budget and Fees and Charges for the 2014-15 period are now on public exhibition. We are interested in your views so please have a look and if you feel like it leave us a comment or send in a submission.

For more information visit the Communtiy Strategic Plan page

Council's Major Projects for the next twelve months

  • Bega Civic Centre: Proposed plans for the replacement of the Bega Town Hall. Read more...
  • Littleton Gardens Bega: Proposed plans for the redesign of the gardens in Zingel Place Bega. Read more...
  • Merimbula Effluent Options Investigation Project: The Merimbula Effluent Options Investigation (MEOI) Project is a project to investigate and recommend a preferred effluent management strategy for Merimbula STP, with particular focus on addressing the main problem of effluent disposal. Read more...

  • Eden Port Development: Bega Valley Shire Council, the Eden community and Federal and State Government have been working for over 9 years to finalise key port infrastructure upgrade for Eden Port, Twofold Bay funded by Federal, State and Local Government. This project focusses on the extension to the Breakwater Wharf, an indicative location for a wave attenuator and marina, and an area identified for potential land reclamation within Snug Cove to provide for hardstand and operational facilities associated with the proposed marina. Read more...

Council Policies and Procedures

Policies and procedures are essential to ensure that legal, fair and consistent decisions are made across the Council. They support Council in achieving its corporate objectives and provide crucial guidelines for Councillors, staff and other stakeholders. Without sound policies and procedures there is a greater risk of inconsistency, confusion and inefficiency.

Policies express Council's position on a particular issue or subject. Procedures describe the specific steps that are to be followed in order to implement a policy.